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After 15 years of scientific research and development, here's the
greatest breakthrough in self-improvement industry …

“Give Me 30mins a Day For The Next 56 Days, I will Show You A New Automatic Way To Master Your Mind Power and Completely Transform Your Entire Life Without Using Any Will Power-- 100% Guaranteed"

"...And If You Don’t See A Dramatic Improvement On Your Mental Power and Every Aspect of Your Life, You DON'T Pay A Penny”

Here is a Revolutionary New Brainwave Entrainment Technology--The Morry Method. It will help you...


easily and automatically get into a deep meditative states of mind faster than a Zen master can...
stop procrastination, boost your motivation and self confidence, develop laser-sharp focus  and concentration to get more things done in less time...
naturally reduce stress, anxiety, tension and worry. invite peace, calm  into your life...
dissolve the mental and emotional blocks and resistance that hold you back from  success...
create new neural pathways in your brain, change patterns of perception and information transfer in the brain, thereby create new ways of experiencing yourself and your world...
dramatically increase your mental power to grasp new concepts faster, significantly increase your memory retention, boost your creativity and your mental clarity...
tap into your subconscious mind and unlock the door to your inner potential that will enable you become the person you really want to become..
  Read on to discover more...


"The Best I Have Ever Seen!"

I have been using Brain Wave Entrainment in my personal life and with my clients for many years with excellent results.

Quantum Mind Power (The Morry Method) is by far the best I have ever seen. It does everything they say and more because it has so many features that make the other "mind conditioning" programs obsolete.

If you want overcome mental blocks to success, health and wealth and achieve MEASURABLE success – then this is the program for you. Get it today. You will be delighted with the results if you follow the simple instructions. It not only works, but it is a totally enjoyable experience. You can't ask for more than that!

Dr.Robert Anthony


From: Song Chengxiang

Dear ,

magine what it feels like if you can unlock the hidden genius inside you and boost your mental power to manifest anything you desire in your life AUTOMATICALLY?

Imagine what it would be like if you can take complete control on every aspect of your life...attracting the money that you always want...having a sexy and healthy body...enjoying a perfect loving relationship...

Wouldn't it be amazing if you can completely eliminate the negative 'voices' in your head that are holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Wouldn't it be amazing if I can place in your hands an innovative piece of new technology that can make all these happen quickly, easily and WITHOUT any effort on your part?

If you answered  "Yes!", then you've found GOLD!

As you scan every word of this letter, you will begin to discover...


A New Empowering Way to Literally
Change Your Life Forever!

Just picture... 

Your brain is the seat of your intelligence and source of your emotions ... and so it controls your entire life. 

Everyone knows that any improvement you can make in the raw power, speed and efficiency of your mind, will empower you to capture wealth, health, happiness and everything you desire ... faster than you ever thought possible. 

Probably you’ve tried other self-improvement programs and products and you’re still at the same place you’ve always been—disappointed and frustrated. 

Well, this system is you are going to see is completely different! ...And it involves no learning nor prior experience at all.

Now, as you continue to read my words, you will discover that this system is not based on some ‘abracadabra-hocus-pocus’  method...

... but the results of 15 years proven scientific research and facts.

The discoveries that I’m about to share with you below can literally change your life… so turn off your phone... close the door so that you’ll not be disturbed as you read every word of this letter

Yes! It’s that important. First of all, let me tell you ...


How Your Life Can Be Literally
Transformed Just Like His...


What you’re about to uncover will change you at the very core forever! And how do I know this?  Because it has changed me.

But before I go any further let me just introduce you to the creator of this new breakthrough brain-enhancing system and allow him to tell you his story… first hand. 


Hi ,

My name is Morry Zelcovitch. When I was a child, I had many problems. I heard thousands of voices in my head, and I had severe depression. I was always getting into trouble and was unbelievably accident prone.  

I have dislocated my shoulders alone over 150 times. I won’t even get into the myriad of broken bones, shredded tendons and ligaments, concussions, etc.

Something inside me made me start looking into the brain wave entrainment field...

...And I began to observe that sometimes, time would seem to move faster and more pleasantly than at other times.

I eventually made the connection that when time seemed to move quicker, the sounds I was hearing were more rhythmic in nature. And when time seemed to painfully stand still, the surrounding sounds were far more disjointed in nature".

This experience was the beginning of a 15 year odyssey of deep study and research into the field of brainwave entrainment.

After many years of using other people’s products, with some limited success, I was determined to figure out why these recordings seemed to work only in a minor way, when all of the research I read suggested the effects should be more dominant than what I was experiencing.

I decided that my best route to understanding was learning at the feet of an expert in the field. So I contacted the world's foremost expert in the field of brainwave entrainment, David Siever C.E.T. and discovered some invaluable secrets that I just could not get anywhere else.

After several years of learning from David Siever I’m now one of the few in the world who actually can claim to be a "certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineer/Specialist" and have the education to back it up!


Now I’ve conquered those extra voices in my head and severe depression. It's become my mission in life  to help others improve their quality of life without the use of dangerous and habit-forming drugs.


Thank you Morry for your story …

And because of the dramatic results that I’ve personally received from Morry’s system, my mission is to bring this incredible tool to everyone who will listen to me.

Now let me explain how this works …


How A Scientifically Proven New Technology Can Reduce Your Stress, Boost Your Creativity And Unleash The Hidden Powers Of Your Mind


The further on you read, you will begin to understand that this is all based on REAL science.  Allow me to explain… welcome to science class.

Your brain is made of approximately 100-billion nerve cells, called neurons. Neurons have the ability to gather and transmit electrochemical signals. Think of your brain as a "super computer."

This "super computer" is able to communicate with the rest of your body by transmitting electrical signals using chemicals called neurotransmitters. If these chemicals or neurotransmitters are out of balance, it can lead to many problems. 

For a long time now scientists have been measuring the electrical current from the surface of the brain using EEG (Electroencephalography) technology.  The EEG measures these electrical discharges and records them as brainwave patterns.


Your State of Mind is Directly Determined By
Your Brain Wave Patterns

Now these brain wave patterns can be placed into groups according to the frequency range which is directly related to the state of mind of the person.  These are …

Beta (13 Hz - 30 Hz) is the state of normal, wakeful consciousness. As you are working, driving, talking, etc., you are usually in Beta. High beta activity is sometimes associated with anxiety, panic and stress.

Alpha (8 Hz - 12 Hz) is a state of light relaxation. Typified by a calm, focused mind. Alpha is sometimes called the "super learning state" because the brain seems to be more receptive and open to new information. Most people who meditate, do so in alpha.

Theta (4 Hz - 7 Hz) is a state of deep relaxation. Dreams and deep meditation are often associated with theta.

Delta, (0.5 Hz - 3 Hz) the slowest of the brainwave patterns, can be a state of deep sleep, or trance-like consciousness. Maintaining awareness in delta has been known to open a path to the unconscious.

* The areas "in-between" the different brainwave states are called "borders". They represent the transition stage between the different brainwave states.

In the course of an average day, most of us spend some amount of time in all of these brain states.

Soon scientists were asking themselves, “What if we could train the brain to go into these different states at will?”  In other words, what if you could find a way to induce your brain into, let's say, any state of consciousness you want?


The Answer? ... Brain Wave Entrainment

“Entrainment” is a term from physics.  It means "the tendency for two vibrating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony".

For example, one tuning fork when struck and placed next to another tuning fork will cause the second one to vibrate at the same rate.

This was first observed by Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens, in 1665 while he was working on the design of the pendulum clock.  He found that when he placed two of the clocks on a wall near each other and swung the pendulums at different rates, they would eventually end up swinging at the same rate.

Now what if this same phenomenon could be repeated in training the brain to lock into the vibrations of an outside stimulus?

Well, several well documented scientific studies have shown that this is in fact possible.  For centuries people have been using outside rhythmic stimulus in the form of drumbeats, chants and singing to induce various feelings, ranging from euphoria to sadness.


Change Your World By Changing
Your Brainwave Patterns

One of the easiest pathways for applying a stimulus to the brain is through the ears.

Such a route involves presenting the ears with a steady and accurate pulsed/beat pattern. This pattern of sound works naturally with the brain and can produce amazing effects.

The tendency of the brain to tune in to and match the external stimulus' frequency is referred to as the "frequency following response".

To make it easier for the brain, it is important to start with a brain wave entrainment (BWE) frequency close to the state that you are in and then gradually change this frequency to the desired state.

As your brain continues to increase its exposure to BWE, the "frequency following response" becomes ever more responsible for a totally natural and fantastic change…

The brain is pushed to create new neural pathways, changing patterns of perception and information transfer in the brain, thereby creating new ways of experiencing yourself and your world.


You Can Get Into Deep Meditative States Faster Than A Zen Master


This process occurs in traditional meditation, which creates similar brainwave patterns through a process of focusing, whether on a mantra, the breath, a prayer, or some other point of focus. However, with traditional methods, you will take 15 or more years of practicing for 10 or more hours a day, to get to the levels you may achieve with our recordings almost immediately.

Our scientifically designed and professionally recorded Brainwave Entrainment soundtracks have been proven to be able to induce a deep meditative state quickly and easily.

Brainwave Entrainment has been successfully used in:

helping with achieving much deeper states of meditation
reducing learning time by increasing the power of the mind to grasp new concepts faster
reducing sleep needs and increasing effectiveness of sleep time
treatment of certain mental illnesses such as depression, low self-esteem, attention deficit disorder, drug and alcohol addiction and autism, to name a few. Also has also been found helpful in alleviating headaches and migraines.
increasing sex drive
  ...And much more

Announcing...The Morry Method (TMM) – A Revolutionary NEW Breakthrough In Brain Wave Entrainment!


This may upset a lot of people, but it has to be said. After trying many of the 'binaural and other brainwave entrainment products' available today,  Morry determined that the majority of them just don't work!

Now listen to me… 

Morry has the professional background to evaluate these products by analyzing the frequencies of the sounds on these recordings.  And you know what?  The claims that are made just do not add up. 

Many times the frequencies advertised as being on the sound tracks are clearly absent from the products. 

Often the frequencies that are present are not stable and fluctuate throughout. There is no way around this… The brain needs 6 minutes of exposure to a steady and accurate pulse or beat in order to entrain and thus give you the benefits. 

Now the typical buyer for these products will not have the professional equipment to analyze these audios.  So they know that there is no way for you to find out that their products are bogus. 

So what of all the “testimonials” you read on these websites.  A lot of these people are just getting marginal results or simply the placebo effect—they want the results so badly that their brain ‘fools’ them into believing that they are really getting the results... They are not! 

After trying many of these products, Morry went so far as to contact the owners and they could not answer any of his questions to his satisfaction… go figure. 

If you've ever used or are using any binaural or other brainwave entrainment products at this time I challenge you to try the Quantum Mind Power with TMM system and experience the BIG difference for yourself. But more on this later… 

First, let me show you why the TMM method is so effective. Now, take a look at these graphical representations of some of the different brainwave stimulation types…

(These images represent a stereo display of 1 second, at a frequency of 10hz.)
Binaural Beats

Isochronic Tones

Monaural Tones

If you take a close look at the “binaural beats” pattern, you’ll see that there is a very small difference between the height of the "peaks" and depth of the "valleys" in the wave pattern.

Now get this: It is mainly the size of the difference between the peaks and valleys in the waveform that determines how strong the CER (cortical evoked response - the brain’s reaction to the stimulus and ultimately the level of brain wave entrainment) will be.

It’s like the difference between riding in a boat on choppy waters compared to riding in a boat through six-foot waves!

That's why we use Isochronic and Monaural tones. They are far more effective for brain wave entrainment than the binaural beats and other stimulation types used by our competitors. You can compare the Isochronic and Monaural tone wave patterns to see that the peaks and valleys are far more distinct, hence far more effective. 


At Last! You Can Open The Gateway To Wealth, Health, Success And A More Confident You ......
Just By Listening!

I cannot over emphasize the fact that 99% of the BWE products you'll find on the market today use less effective technology and have little if any, scientific bases. 

The TMM system uses a proprietary methodology based on Isochronic and Monaural tones that is much more effective and faster acting. So just take the results you may have read about, that some people are getting from binaural beats and multiply that many times to get an idea of what I'm talking about here.

What are the immediate benefits that you can expect to get from the Quantum Mind Power with TMM system?

  • Visualize yourself using our product to ramp up your brain power to a level that you will never achieve from all the motivational tapes and programs in the world combined.  And this comes from less than 30 minutes of “relaxation” time per day.
  • Envision yourself being able to tap into the subconscious mind to boost your creativity and learn to attract wealth into your life.  All the great geniuses of our time attest to their subconscious as the source of their ‘'higher intelligence'’ such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison!
  • Just think naturally reducing stress, anxiety, tension and worry. Inviting peace, calm, confidence and excitement into your life. Just incredible!
  • Feel yourself experiencing a level of happiness and euphoria without the use of harmful and addictive drugs by increasing the brains natural “feel good” chemicals.
  • You’ll become more motivated, think faster ‘on your feet’ and outsmart your competition in business.  You’ll always be one step ahead of the crowd while others try to catch up.
  • See yourself silencing the negative ‘voices’ in your head that tell you that you don’t deserve to be wealthy and successful and at last live up to your full potential.  Overcome the enemy inside you that’s holding you back. This one is really cool!
  • Envision achieving a level of relaxation thought only to be experienced by Monks after years of meditative practice.  You’ll reach this level in a lot less time … weeks instead of years! Just plain awesome.
  • Imagine sharpening your intuition so that you'll perceive things that you can't really explain.  You'll know that you have this 'gut feeling' that this is the action you must take. Complex tasks will suddenly appear clearer and easier to you.
  • Picture yourself dramatically increase your self confidence and personal power so much that it will cause people to stand back and take notice of you like never before. Be prepared to surprise even yourself.
  • What if you could strengthen your relationships as you easily win new friends and positively influence everyone around you. You'll find yourself "hitting it off' easily with new people, attracting true love, and being the person everyone wants to be around.
  • Imagine yourself sleeping less and still waking up each morning full of energy and enthusiasm. You can literally take up to 4 hours less sleep each night and still face the new day feeling more alert, brimming with energy and even be able to complete more work with less errors. This is amazing!
  • Think about being able to overcome any addictive behavior such as smoking and drug dependence that damage your self-image. Release yourself from other damaging and deep-seated emotions, helping to lead you to emotional stability.
  • Picture yourself being able to balance and strengthen your immune system for a greater feeling of well-being. Stress has been identified as having a major influence on how we age. Imagine how much younger you might look and feel!
  • And much more…

This may just be the breakthrough that you’ve been searching for to finally rid yourself of bad habits and destructive thought patterns,  boost your brain power and finally discover your true potential and greatness.


A New Benchmark In Audio Training



And how is Quantum Mind Power with TMM different from the other brain products?  

  • You don’t need headphones (but they will increase the effectiveness of the recordings by quite a bit)

  • You experience a much larger CER (cortical evoked response)This means you get a larger impression on the brain and thus much faster and more effective results.

  • Our frequencies are harmonically related (like all the related C notes on a piano scale from low to higher keys.) – Recent research suggests that entrainment is even deeper when this is the case.

  • TMM uses a proprietary methodology.  Note that I cannot reveal all the details as our competition would just love to get their hands on this.  But rest assured that TMM is both effective and safe.

  • A much more powerful entrainment effect backed up by solid scientific testing and research.

  • You get instant download of the audio products so you have no need to wait on receiving these in the mail (saves on shipping charges.)

In addition to all these great benefits we are the only source offering 6 variations of tones (pitch - low to high) and 2 stimulation types - monaural and isochronic. You can therefore choose the tones that are most attractive to you. I've found that the more our customers find the tones pleasing to the ear, the better the results.


What People Are Saying?

Listen to what the experts and some of the users of the Quantum Mind Power with TMM had to say about this new and exciting approach to brain wave entrainment:


"My Enthusiasm and Motivation Skyrocket"

I have been listening to the "Quantum Mind Power" lately and have found myself in a state that is unusually different (in a very positive way).

I am experiencing much less stress from all the workloads I've been handling. I also feel my enthusiasm and motivation skyrocket to a whole new exciting level.

I have never felt this sense of happiness and excitement in my life before. This is a strange feeling, and I like it a lot!

Michael Lee


"A Powerful Program "

This is a powerful program you've created, in fact you've raised the bar by - for the first time I've seen - giving people the exact recordings that tailor-fit them, rather than one-size-fits-all.

That's a major improvement because we're all unique. I also love your the prosperity bonus and the Schummann's Resonance.

Dan Klatt


"They're amazing! "

I just listened to the first BWE recording and I felt a pleasurable tingling sensation around my eyes and a lightness all over. Being a reiki practitioner, I know how it feels for the brain to reach the meditation state and these recordings definitely bring that on quickly.

It's very interesting how there are different sounds for different types of benefits... I can't wait to see the long term effect of using Quantum-Mind-Power products. They're amazing!

Eva Browne-Paterson
www.EvieB.com  | www.Ezines-R-Us.com


"I Instantly Feel a Positive Energy In My Body. "

WOW, I am very excited and I don't have words to express my feelings. "Quantum Mind Power" is exactly what I have been looking for.

I was a little bit depressed because I achieved only 60% of my June month goal till 28th. Even I couldn't concentrate on my work because of it. I used "Eden Energy Wave Dynamics
Isochronic 6" for two days (29th and 30th) and I instantly feel a positive energy in my body.

In just 2 days I become more energetic, joyful and you'll surprise to know "I achieve my goal for June month too". Truly Amazing.

You both guys are awesome. You don't realize it but you are going to help thousands of people. I have absolutely no hesitation in saying QMP is a Gem. The only complaint about it is "Why it wasn't available sooner".

Raamakant S.


"I Was Out Like a Light Bulb"

I have had sleep problems since I was 17, and I have never been able to fall asleep immediately, and if and only if I do sleep, I still never get the rest I wanted.

After listening to your program for the second time, I was out like a light bulb, as if almost by command.

Also as a side note, I let my youngest son listen to your program, during his examinations and low and behold, he got his first A, EVER. He was always the grade average of C+!

Just incase you wondering he is in grade 12 so you can imagine the effect this program has had on him.

Kaashif Karriem


"These Results Were So instantaneous and Astonishing"

Thanks to the quantum mind system I was immediately transported to realms I once reached through floatation tanks and mind machines over a decade ago. Your programs are so refined that I no longer have to get wet or cover my eyes to get the same results.

These results were so instantaneous and astonishing that I must say the temptation arose to immerse myself with back-to- back repetitions in these sessions. However, like exercising any muscle, I know that the brain needs time to integrate these new patterns into its neural networks.

I have personally invested the last couple of decades exploring superlearning media that has culminated in the creation of media matrix immersion theatres. The quantum sessions are as close to my objective of fully integrated sound immersions that I have ever discovered. Congratulations Mr. Zelcovich. You have created a self-refilling prescription for relieving the mind fog of media overload we are exposed to in public everyday.

Gaspare Grillo
Multi-Media Alchemist
Toronto, Canada


"This Program Is Very Different"

I love this program.

Being into personal development for over 20 years, I have a ton of these kinds of programs, some of which I cost upwards of $1,000 and take up over an hours time to get the benefit

BUT this program is very different
. I'm finding it more interesting each day. "Quantum Mind Power" has become my morning meditation program of choice.

Jim Donovan
International bestselling author
and motivational speaker


"Results Are Truly Amazing"

I have been using Quantum Mind Power, The Morry Method, for 7 days now and the results are truly amazing. The results have been so profound that I feel like a new person.

I am delighted at the results so far and I can't wait to do another session every day. If I can achieve such a phenomenal result in just a week, I can only imagine what I can achieve in a month or a year....

Thank you for letting me experience such an amazing technique. I am forever in your debt!!! Here's to EVERYONE'S success...
Jane Harper


"I Am Sleeping Through Much More of The Night"

I have had a lot of life stress over the last 6 months, and was having difficulty sleeping and keeping an even emotional keel.

...I am sleeping through much more of the night, and when events come that usually would have had me "smoking"--I'm calmer.

Especially, I'm not sweating out my clothes! Wow. I listen 1 to 2 times a day, morning and night to Schumann and only at night to Good Night sleep. Thank you.

Jocelyn S. Bagley


"This Is The Only One That Does Every Thing You Promise"

This is the third entrainment meditation I have used and I have to say this is the only one that does every thing you promise. I look forward with excitement every day to choose my meditation.

They leave me with energy, peace, happiness and I know this is what I want in my daily meditations. Thank you. I'm loving it



"I Haven't Felt This Good About Myself Before!"

Hello, I ordered my Quantum Mind Power System 5 days ago, in the July 10th, slightly skeptic, I admit.

But already now, after listening to the recordings for 4 days I'm feeling much happier and loving toward myself!

I've had self-esteem issues for years and I haven't felt this good about myself before! The male voice in Modules 3 and 4 is so lovely to listen to!

I'm looking forward to more good influences for the coming days! Great product!

Ms. Riitta Kotimki -- Finland



"I Didn't Have To Rely On The Snooze Button To Get Out of Bed As I Usually Do"

WOW. These materials are powerful.

Let me just mention one: Good night sleep well. I did a little experiment to validate its effectiveness. On Friday night I used it before going to bed and woke up refreshed. The second night I purposefully didn't use it and didn't feel refreshed.

Last night I used it and this morning didn't have to rely on the snooze button to get out of bed as I usually do.

Lynval Williams


"I Can Truly Say 'It works!'"

It's been over two months since I invested in your program and I can truly say "It works!". While I am thoroughly enjoying being smarter, my most obvious progress is in being much more creative: I come up with so many ideas, so many creative solutions to challenges that would have caused me to give up in my pre-Quantum Mind Power days!

My only regret is that I did not invest in your program sooner. Some of my friends are starting to comment on my new mental abilities, like making difficult things look easy! You have given much to the world, and much more shall be given to you in return. Thank you for dramatically changing my life for the better.

-- Stephen Frederick


"I Have To Say That The Experience So Far Has Been Powerful"

I have practiced meditation for many years. Mostly mantra meditation. I recently became interested in trying something new and began using another program using binaural beats. Although it produced a pleasant experience, I  really did not experience the type of results that were claimed.


I happened to learn of The Morry Method and decided to give it a try. I have to say that the experience so far has been powerful. The physical sensation is as if your brain has had a good workout. I can actually feel my brain flexing for lack of a better description. During the sessions my awareness is present just enough to enjoy the expanded state of the meditation. There is an overall expanded awareness when the session ends and I feel very clear and energized. I am also experiencing , during sleep, dreams with a lot of texture and they are very involved and vivid. I feel very well rested and refreshed upon awakening.


If this is just the results from a few months on the program, I can only imagine what can happen as time goes along. And if more advanced programs become available, the sky is the limit. Many thanks for producing and offering QMP.



"Quantum Mind Power Has Literally Blew My Mind"

Quantum Mind Power has literally blew my mind. I have used many BWE type programs before, but this is LIGHT YEARS ahead of them. Thanks for all your hard work to create this for us

-- Shane Pettman


"Sincerely, It Was Fantastic"

I tried the "Good Night Sleep well" for the first time and sincerely it was fantastic. I felt very calm and here and now attitude. I slept for about five hours, but it was very deep, enjoyable one. I had a clearly long dream, which I need to understand. The dream pattern is similar to the ones I have been having since i started using QUANTUM MIND POWER. The program is effective and beneficial. Thank you, GUYS.

-- John K Amissah


"This Program Is The First Program That Is Really Working For Me "

This program is the first program that is really working for me and is very easy to use. I am very happy with the results and how at peace I feel. Thanks so much for a great product!!!

-- Ken Solomon


"The Morry Method Is So Much More Effective  "

I recently ordered Quantum Mind Power and have been using it for about a week. I find it works great to give me, more focus during the day, more energy when I exercise and reduces stress so I sleep a lot better too. I have tried several other programs like Centerpointe's The End and Imrama's Focus, but find that The Morry Method is so much more effective with less time and doesn't need special equipment like some of the others. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to optimize their life, be happier and accomplish more!

-- Tristram Nefzger
Baltimore, Maryland, USA


"For The First Time... My Ability To Concentrate and Focus on Things Had An Amazing Jump Out of Nowhere"

I have been listening to QMP now for over two months, for almost a month and half I was trying different time rate of listening, I was experimenting with the recordings so that I could  experience something new.

I was not sure I was really benefiting from the listening, yes it was much deeper than any brain entrainment program I have tested, I wasn't sure if I would get any results....

...Just this week for the first time my ability to concentrate and focus on things had an amazing jump out of nowhere. With this experience I had a pleasurable 'feeling' which I have never experienced before, I can honestly say the 'jump' was more than 300 percent. Now this ability was not a one off, I have managed to experience this at random.

My creative ability has had a major leap, I am working towards an album for the end of 2007, there is an avalanche of ideas just keep coming, and these ideas are nicely fitting in my plan.

Also my painting has taken another creative boost, I have almost completed a very large canvas which I couldn't finish 8 months ago, within few days I was inspired to give it a magical touch, the magic touch turned out to be a series of magical brush strokes which have helped me to continue painting.

Asgar Khan --UK

Here’s What You Get With The Quantum Mind Power with TMM BWE System …

As an accredited and certified Brainwave Entrainment Expert, Morry has really set out to create a product that is far superior in results to all the other BWE training products on the market today.  And frankly, I think that he did…


What you’re about to experience is the result of over 15 years of researching relevant materials, protocols and scientific studies.


The technology and methodology that we employ is based on over 10 years of personal research and development.  Our protocols follow a strict adherence to past and present scientific research, including published and non-published clinical and other studies.  In other words, these BWE systems are all based on REAL SCIENCE!



Main Programs...

Component #1

 Quantum Mind Power System- Neural Synergy
(A $197 Value)

This is available in two different stimulation patterns - monaural and isochronic, with 6 choices of "base" tone for each stimulation pattern.

This recording is specifically designed to help you to re-organize your brain to a higher level… allowing you to process more complicated tasks easier than before. You will be surprised with its new capabilities.

Neural Synergy is the first of the two main components of this program. With daily use, the changes can be rather startling and profound.

This recording may be considered as an integral part of a fitness regimen for the brain.


Component #2

 Quantum Mind Power System- Eden Energy Wave Dynamics
(A $197 Value)

Also available in two different stimulation patterns - monaural and isochronic, with 6 choices of "base" tone for each stimulation pattern.

This recording is designed to help with the inevitable loss of "action" that tends to follow any self help/improvement type of program.

It is a "dual" brainwave recording (A different and distinct brainwave pattern targeting each hemisphere of the brain separately)

Designed to pump up your energy levels, while at the same time quiet the "voices" that tend to make us stagnate and stop moving forward by thinking too much, or by being afraid.

You’ll not only continue to develop and improve, but also this system acts as an additional "brain" exercise that will help your brain re-organize to a higher level of functioning.

Eden Energy Wave Dynamics is a complimentary component to Neural Synergy.


Quantum Mind Programming ...

Component #3

 Quantum Mind Power System- Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation
(A $147 Value)

This system acts as a “gratitude building” meditation. Gratitude is considered to be the key to unlocking the ability of people to be happy and content. When combined with a subtle, yet powerful brainwave entrainment rhythm the possibilities become endless and allow this recording to be an integral part of the brain re-training process.

Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation will help you with direction and intent and change your current view of the world and reality as well. How we look at things and interpret their meaning is everything, and big changes can occur when we change how we look at life.

Component #4

 Quantum Mind Power System- Emotive Brain Wave Hypnosis
(A $147 Value)

This recording is designed to help guide you to balance your emotions and experience happiness.

This hypnosis allows you to tap into the deep wiring of your subconscious mind, to help you deal with the matters that are most affecting your life right now. It will help you to "rewire" some of your old thinking patterns that aren't serving you so well.

It is also designed to help you find true emotional balance and happiness within yourself.

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Quantum Mind Power System - Subliminal Wealth and Prosperity Support #1

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This recording addresses two major issues that frequently hinder the accumulation of wealth: first, subconscious negative associations with rich people; second, lack of understanding about wealth and abundance.

The other major focus of this recording is to implant in your subconscious the desire to seek out and take advantage of the daily opportunities that will present themselves to improve your "state of wealth".

Put to a beautiful soundtrack of rain and other subtle nature sounds, Subliminal Wealth and Prosperity Support #1 will act as a guide for your brainwave entrainment.



Exclusive Bonus #2

Quantum Mind Power System - Subliminal Health Support #2

(A $97 Value Yours FREE)

Subliminal Health Support #2 enhances how you use your mind to positively affect your health.

Think in terms of health instead of illness. Don't think you're getting a cold just because you "feel" like you are. It's only a sign that your body needs help to keep you healthy. Use this recording to help direct your mind to gain the health you know you deserve.

Subliminal Health Support shares the same background of nature sounds as submiliminal support #1.




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  • I get the "Quantum Mind Power System" component #1--Neural Synergy (with 2 stimulation patterns and 6 tones to choose) (a $197 Value)
  • I get the "Quantum Mind Power System" component #2--Eden Energy Wave Dynamics (with 2 stimulation patterns and 6 tones to choose) (a $197 Value)
  • I get the "Quantum Mind Power System" component #3--Whole Brain Gratitude Meditation (a $147 Value)
  • I get the "Quantum Mind Power System" component #4--Emotive Brain Wave Hypnosis (a $147 Value)

I understand that because I am ordering today, I will get another 2 amazing bonuses worth over $194 absolutely FREE, including the Quantum Mind Power system-subliminal wealth and prosperity support recording, the Quantum Mind Power system-subliminal health support recording.

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Good Night, Sleep Well...(A $97 Value)

This recording is designed to help bring on sleep by quieting the mental "noise" that can adversely affect your quality of sleep. Think calming thoughts, or nothing, while you drift off listening to these specially designed tones that lead you gently into a healthful and restful sleep state.

This recording actually guides you into your sleep cycle, helping to give you a head start on a restful and rejuvenating nights sleep.

Schumann Resonance Meditation...(A $97 Value)

7.83hz. is the Schumann Resonance, or the frequency that electro-magnetic waves travel through the earth's ionosphere. Its’ been given credit for stimulating the release of growth and sex hormones (N. Shealy).

More spiritual and psychic experiences have been reported using this frequency than any other.

        These two products have been taken off from the market for about two years. We got incredible feedbacks from the lucky few customers who bought them as they are initially released. We are no longer sell them as stand alone products, you can only get them through this offer, exclusively for first-time buyers.

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