Testimonial of Appreciation to Morry

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Testimonial of Appreciation to Morry

Postby mayfield1309 » Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:27 pm

I purchased the Quantum Mind Program back in May 2008 of this year. I really like listening to (EEWD) Eden Energy Wave Dyanamics, (NS) Neural Synergy, The Answer and (GNSW) Good Night Sleep Well. Listening to these various tracks I found myself relaxed, my mind truly open and clear, and feeling totally non-stressed.

So when I heard about the other BWE tracks (AF) Alpha Flight and (DC) Digital Coffee I had to try it out. I started with the Alpha Flight track - this version had the Introduction before the BWE. The Digital Coffee track was nice to listen to I felt really awake and my mind less foggy.

Monday thru Friday I would begin my day using "DC" in the mornings to wake me up followed by either "EEWD" or "NS". I would end the day as always listening to "GNSW". Weekends: I would listen to Eden Energy Wave Dyanamics, Neural Synergy, The Answer, Schumann Resonance and the Subliminals.

I know the Quantum Mind Power program works for me, but the reason why I'm writing this testimonial is that Morry, no matter how busy he is on this forum . . . made time out to reply to me, when I asked "How to obtain Clean versions of the Alpha Flight and Digital Coffee tracks". He not only replied back but also forwarded the website link to the clean versions as well.

I'm really impressed that we have someone like Morry, who answers so many requests; can still reply back with us so fast. And answer each request in a geniune human form of written communication. It made my day before heading off to work this morning.

Thanks again Morry :D

I also enclosed proof of receipt that I previously purchased "The Answer" track as well.
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